Whatever It All Means

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「ヘルプミー」/「bailknight」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail


done with you

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this is literally what happens when a young adult starts working full time

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Oh my god why do I keep watching The Strain?? So fucking bad oh my lord. The subplots are excruciatingly bad.

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My NFL dynasty fantasy football league just had our year-two draft. Saddest fucking thing to ever be a part of. and funniest.

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The Bilinda Butchers - Lover’s Suicide

Have been listening to their album ‘Heaven’ all day

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Crazy lightning outside, thunder is loud as fuck.

While I’m generally not into my job, since aggregating news stories isn’t super interesting, the past few days has been cool as I’ve gotten to write a shit on all the news out of SDCC without the pain of being there! (Crowds would just be too much for me). Plus it’s been nice to actually hit Google news entertainment, which has been a recent struggle for our lil’ podunk website.

Somehow Google loves the shit out of my SDCC articles, so they temporarily make the top of their subject, like there is one right as I’m typing this up. So if you knew my name/face you could totally see it.

So it was a nice little pick me up in an otherwise stressful week. Seriously need a job or like for someone in NYC or Cali to like let me sleep on their couch while I beg and/or suck dick for a better job.